Online Compressed Air Monitoring System

  • Real-Time
  • User friendly
  • Competitively priced
  • No flow meters required
  • Comparing periods with improvement factors
  • Compatible with all compressor brands & types
  • Simple report functionalities including your energy cost

LeekSeek® AirManagement™ is the markets most user-friendly and competitively priced monitoring system. It is easy to navigate and simple to produce informative
reports from. It’s web-based technology makes it accessible through any computer and/or mobile device with internet connection and a browser.

It works with every compressor brand/type, and in any combination. Its technology to calculate flow (m3 or cf) allows you to install the “Standard Package” without flow meters.


The installation of hardware can be done in 1 day by a LeekSeek technician, or by an authorized partner.

Corporate Access

Organizations with more than one plant will have Corporate Access to view and compare all plants on one page, all live and in real-time.

All values viewable both summarized for the whole organization as well as individually per plant. You will also have the possibility to compare plants consumptions, efficiency and performances.

Security & backup

All data is processed through LeekSeek’s secured servers with unlimited history storage and with backups every 24h.


Dashboard is your real-time live display to view current:

  • Energy
  • Pressure
  • Consumption
  • Compressors status (Off, Loaded or Unloaded) and use of energy
  • Economy, including comparison between previous and current month

Time view

Time view gives you, based on selectable date and time, all readings in graphs with zoom functionality, down to per-second.


Analysis gives you the possibility to select and compare two periods to identify your: use of Energy (total and per compressor/dryer), Consumption, Pressure and Costs. Your consumption can also be evaluated based on your production output for your Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Analysis allows you also to get reports of compressors load- and unload use of energy to identify your compressors performance/efficiency. Analysis generates technical as well as graphical output and formats it in screen and printable reports.


Settings allows you to set your personal preferred denominations (currency, cost of energy, cost of air, etc.). In settings, you