World’s Leader in Leak Management for Compressed Air and Gas Systems

Your true independent partner for Leak Management and Optimization on Compressed Air and Gas Systems. The secret of our success is our uncompromising focus to reduce wasted energy from compressed air and gas leakages, and thereby reduce our clients’ energy costs and carbon emissions.

Energy Labelled Leak Management Program & Profit Guarantee

LeekSeek® Energy Labelled Leak Management Program

As from July 2021, a standard LeekSeek® Compressed Air Leak Management Program comes with an energy label.

Potential Savings & Profit Guarantee!

A LeekSeek audit is always performed under a “Potential Savings Guarantee”, meaning that an initial LeekSeek survey will either identify savings potential which exceeds the cost of the audit, or LeekSeek will not charge for the audit.

“One of the main advantages to have very qualified LeekSeek technicians in the factory is that our own staff learn and gain knowledge about compressed air & leakages.”
Bojan Jencic, Goodyear

Baker Hughes
Tetra Pak